TitiFreak Solo-Show "IN A DREAM" in the BlackBook Gallery/ Denver.CO.

photos by TitiFreak.

Every summer we bring in an artist for a couple weeks to check out Denver and have a show. This year we reached across the globe to Brazil and invited the talented yet elusive Titi Freak for a visit. For the past 3 or 4 years Titi (pronounced Chi-Chi) has been working diligently on his craft, including 2 years apprenticing in Japan. While in Japan, Titi developed and refined an abstract technique that moved him away from his bold illustrative style towards a more organic and gestural approach.
“In A Dream” features all new work from Titi filled with Japanese influence both visually and artistically. Vibrant colors and organic textures converge into portraits laced with a multitude of colors and layers. A new series of “nature” portraits based on foliage and natural abstract shapes applies the same techniques within a more confined space. The centerpiece of this exhibit is a large 10 panel wood piece (Fleeing The Storm) featuring a Japanese Koi suspended in time on a white background. The Koi can be found throughout Japanese art history and is considered by Japanese to be a symbol of long life, luck and fortune.
Titi Freak (Hamilton Yokota) was born in 1974, at the age of 13 he started working with comic books. During 7 years he designed national and international comics for Maurício de Souza, Disney and Marvel. Between 1994 and 1995 he started doing illustrations and work with animation for MTVBrasil. In 1996 Titi started painting with spray paint on the streets. “The graffiti made me find my picture! Other techniques, other references and attitudes in my life. After that I saw my work with fresh eyes: feelings, people, chaos, dreams, urban calligraphy, culture and nature”. Titi has exhibited his work in galleries across the world including London, Madrid, Paris, Tokyo, Osaka, New York, Los Angeles, Vancouver, Berlin, and São Paulo’s art museum MASP.

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